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How Our PPC Services Increase Your ROI

The number one focus of our Gilbert AZ PPC Services is to grow your ROI. Most of digital marketing, especially SEO campaigns, take a lot of time and patience to grow into a solid, profitable investment. Definitely worth the wait, but if your business is wanting to super charge your ROI, Pay Per Click (PPC) services are the secret sauce. Check out what makes our PPC secret sauce especially effective...

Gilbert AZ PPC Services

Our ROI Focused Approach

Custom Setup

Located in Gilbert, AZ, our PPC Services are tailored specifically to your business goals. Your dedicated account manager and team will get to know the dynamics of your business in order to provide better support and develop a unique strategy to accomplish your objectives.

Landing Page Design

We don’t waste your valuable advertising budget on just a bunch of clicks to your Pay Per Click ads. Instead, all your PPC ads go directly to a highly optimized campaign-specific landing page designed for conversions. These pages can typically increase conversion rate by 15%.

A/B Testing

We test and optimize your PPC campaigns for better conversions and profitability. By A/B testing your PPC ads and landing pages, we can make adjustments to impacting variables—such as ad positioning, landing page layout, and calls to action—ultimately increasing your ROI.

15 yrs
PPC Experience
20 +
Industry Verticals
74 %
Client Renewal Rate

Conversion Tracking

Our PPC services focus on conversions, which is why we track the data that matters most to your business. Through our online dashboard, you’ll have up-to-date, full access to Google Analytics, call tracking, form submissions, and more.

Frequent Optimization

We take your advertising dollars seriously and focus your budget on the Pay Per Click ads that perform best. Your campaign will be continually optimized based on performance, in order to reduce wasted spend and raise your returns.

Results Reporting

Along with regularly emailed performance reports, you can view your progress and stats anytime in our online reporting dashboard. Our reports are detailed and easy to read, so you never have to wonder the status of your PPC campaign.

PPC Services Gilbert AZ

“Together we were able to come up with a concept and parameters. Bluejay did the rest. I would rate great return on our investment.”

John Newell


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